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Our Pole Dance, Dance and Aerial Yoga Workshops for you!

Everyone is welcome at our workshops, no matter if you are a beginner or already have experience in dance or sports

Spots are limited to ensure that each participant can be provided with their own training equipment (pole, hammock, hoop). By registering early enough, your spot will be reserved for you.

For further information please refer to the descriptions of the different workshops.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time :)

Workshops with Kira Noire & Evgeny Greshilov

Early bird discount until 15.08.2020

A workshop is 85€ if booked until 15.08.2020, 90€ afterwards

The Double Workshop costs 100€ if booked until 15.08.2020, 110€ afterwards

Discount-Code: EarlyBird

Such events are usually associated with high costs. We want to offer high quality lessons at moderate prices, therefore every participant will get 5€ credited to the customer account for every booked workshop, if at least 10 places are booked for each workshop!

Help us by promoting our events so that we can do more of them together in the future - Yeah!

Kira Noire

Kira is a Russian pole artist from Saint Petersburg. 

She started pole dancing in 2000. She doesn't...

Workshop Descriptions

Contemporary Pole Choreography


My signature pole choreography NO HEELS. Mix of different dance styles, quirky floor work, low tricks, emotions and the music. Twist it all around the pole to express ourselves in creating. "If something doesn't let you move on just dance it out."

Russian Exotic Pole Dynamic

My signature pole choreography on heels. Wide dynamic movements, cool transitions, speed, amplitude, sharp accents, kips and drops. And all it precisely in the music. Hit the beat and blow their minds.

Russian Exotic Pole Flow

My signature choreography on heels. Smooth fluid transition with small delicious details, femininity in every single movement. Technicality, musicality, exactitude and execution. Sing the song with your body.

Spinning Pole Combos

This class is about beautiful tricks, shapes, spins and transitions on spinning pole. We will learn how to use the dynamics and rotation, how to climb beautifully and make nice combos.

Crazy Russian Pole

All about flips, kips, drops, crazy transitions and my favourite crazy combos. How to make it look dynamic, big, wide and impressive. But first of all how to make it safe and how to make easy look hard ;)

Flexy Pole

This class is about using a flexibility on pole. We will learn some interesting splits and backbends, and try different ways of going in and out. I will explain how to make your lines look better, how to open splits more on pole, how to hide you weak sides and even how to cheat somewhere.

Evgeny Greshilov

Evgeny Greshilov is a russian pole dance & fitness artist, founder & co-owner online school Open...

Workshop Descriptions

Pole Tricks & Transitions


This class is focused on signature tricks, creative transitions and unique combos on the pole.
Different types of the spins from graceful and elegance till powerful and innovative. Acrobatic stunts from Chinese pole techniques and of course strength tricks.

Detailed explanation of the technical aspects of their execution and the practice time with supporting.

Difficulty: all levels

Drops, Slides & Acrobatics

This workshop is focused on the technique and execution of the different kinds of drops, slides and somersaults.
We will learn step by step how to reach tricks which could look impossible for you.

We are going to learn how to support each other when you do extreme tricks, that helps you to master crazy flips at your own place.

Difficulty: intermediate, advanced

Low Flow Pole

On this workshop we are going to be doing a lot of floor work which is a trend in pole dance at this moment.

We will smoothly combine low level tricks in short combos and master all of them in a flow and nice way.

Difficulty: All levels

Pole Choreography

This lesson based on Contemporary dance style.

A quick warm-up and stretching will be as a beginning and then we will immerse into choreography.

We are mostly going to focus our attention on pole "dancing". We will learn a combination on, off & around the pole.

Our aims are to improve dance skills, musicality and have fun :)

Difficulty: All levels

Pole Doubles

This workshop for the people who want to try some new duo style, fresh vision of double tricks, creative transitions on the pole, on the floor, on your partner =)

We will try some dynamic moves, acro stuff, balances, strength tricks.

And of course we are opened for any questions and happy to share our experience in double pole work.

Teach together with Kira Noire.

Difficulty: All levels