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Hygiene regulations and spacing rules

To prevent further infections, we would like you to follow these instructions:

  • Please show up already dressed and ready for the course.
  • The distance of 1.5m must also be kept when entering the premises. Between the lessons we have a 30-minute break in order to air out and to ensure a contactless change of participants. For training sessions that take place on the first floor, the rooms are preferably exited via the rear exit to the side of the railway tracks.
  • Please disinfect your hands immediately after entering the studio. The poles, mats and any other equipment must be carefully cleaned and disinfected before and after use, this also applies to spontaneous pole changes. You are also welcome to bring your own equipment and use knee pads instead of the mat.
  • Please bring a towel and your own cleaning cloth for the Pole.
  • If you should cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue, wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly after disposing of the used tissue in a closed container.
  • Since we have to keep a distance of 1.5m, we cannot give any tactile support.
  • Duration and spots are limited due to the Corona Protection Ordinance. If a course is fully booked, you are welcome to join the waiting list, so that we can identify the need and adjust to it. Some lessons will continue as LiveStream Sessions, so that you can participate from home.
  • In the following survey you can share with us when and which topics you would like to see as a workshop. Answering the 2 questions takes 1 minute.

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Let's get on with it and stay on it!
Stay active and on the move, no matter what!


Your studio for pole dance & aerial yoga in Düsseldorf

Are you looking for a workout or sport that combines dance, acrobatics and effective strength training, while emphasizing your feminine charisma and improving your posture, condition and mobility?

In our Pole Tricks & Combos courses you learn the technically clean aesthetic execution of various dance movements and figures on the pole, in which your musculoskeletal system is functional, body-compatible, easy on the joints and optimally loaded.

As soon as the isolated movements are no longer a challenge for you, you will be ready to dance the learned content in a lyrical pole dance choreography with expression.

While our workout classes will get your body in shape and improve your flexibility, you can live out your female sensuality in our dance classes - unlock your full potential to become the best version of you!

Find out which course types are available and what is the best way to get started under Course Topics. Our TIMETABLE shows you which lessons are planned for what time.

The contact restrictions and distance rules in the course of the Corona pandemic will continue to apply at least until 3rd May. Since we all still want to stay mobile, fit, sexy and above all healthy, we will make the best of it and continue our lessons via live stream in the meantime.