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What types of lessons are offered?

Our course program can be divided into the categories of pole tricks & combos, pole choreography and workout.

While the workout promotes physical prerequisites such as strength, coordination and mobility, the focus of the Pole Tricks & Combos courses is on learning an aesthetic and at the same time body-compatible technique for performing acrobatic elements, connecting and combining several figures fluently with one another.

In the dance and choreogarfie courses, the aim is to apply the learned skills in a lyrical choreography and to express your performance. We start every six weeks with a new choreography with different moves, a lateral entry is possible by arrangement, the entry into our workout and pole tricks & combos courses is possible at any time.

Chair Dance
Chair Dance Choreography
High Heels Flow
High Heels Flow Choreography
Contemporary Pole
Contemporary Pole Dance Choreography
Exotic Pole Flow
Exotic Pole Flow Choreography
Chair & Pole Dance
Chair & Pole Dance Choreography
Exotic Pole Dance
Exotic Pole Dance Choreography

What's the best place to start?

After you have got an overview of our course contents, you can register for your favourite topics and training times.

In order to achieve an optimal learning effect, we recommend that you regularly attend a tricks & combos lesson corresponding to your level at the beginning. For the choreography lessons it would be advantageous if you have already mastered some basic techniques and dance movements.
If you want to learn even faster, you can take part in our workout classes at the same time to improve your strengths and/or compensate deficits.